Warranty Request

As an enhancement to your warranty program, we have also enrolled your home in the Front Line Warranty Service (FLWS) program, administered by 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. FLWS will be the point of contact for all of your warranty service requests. 

To submit warranty service requests, please sign-in to your homeowner portal. If you are a first time user, select the “sign up here” button. Once you have signed in, click “Service Requests” to submit your warranty requests. 

Emergency Warranty Request

If you experience an emergency warranty service situation as defined on this page, please notify 2-10 HBW and contact the appropriate contractor by referencing the sticker on your electrical panel that lists the company for each system.

Please note, if you contact any emergency subcontractors with a NON EMERGENCY issue, you as the homeowner will be charged for the service.


  • Not working at all
  • Excessive leak, one that is a slow drip is not considered excessive.
  • A drain back up


  • Not working at all, this does not include individual switches or outlets this is for the entire house
  • A hot wire is exposed


  • The entire system is not working, this does not include individual rooms or zones.